shows of my life

Saturday, January 06, 1990

John Denver Groupies.

So one friday night, my friend Loreen's parents offered us John Denver tickets. This being an excellent opportunity to have a picnic in Metropolotian Park, we just had to say yes. Loreen even bailed on a date with a guy named Tim from the swim team.
So were set up, have the blanket, cheese and other goodies to snack on... and then we hear
behind us... 3 large women with coke bottle glasses and long scraggly hair were singing and screeming to John. funny thing. we were atleast half way back in the field. i dont think john heard their cries of devotion. 4/2/1992

Thursday, January 04, 1990

Cranberries saw us.


Tuesday, January 02, 1990

Tell it to my Heart...

its about 89-90 and I wanted to go and see "the Party"
these were the 5 kids from the new mickey mouse club who had this band....
they were opening for Taylor Dane at Metropolotian Park in Jacksonville.
not too eventfull. except i was slighlty ashamed i was there to see "the party"

Monday, January 01, 1990

Michael Jackson - Victory Tour 1984

I begged and begged my mom to send off the cupon from the paper that would get us the tickets. and she did and they were on the orange fridge for months! I don't remember much. it was cold, and our seats were at the TOP of the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. we could watch the limos drive in and out, better than we could see the stage. the jumbo screens (were they actually jumbotrons back then...) didnt work till half way through the show. my friend suzanne whom i took was scared and hid behind the seats when they were dressed up like monsters.