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Friday, May 27, 2005

Snow Patrol Weekend...

A big weekend was planned for memorial day weekend (as it should be)
Friday afternoon, i ducked out of town a bit early to beat I-4 traffic. and enjoyed dinner at the cheesecake fact. with friends. then Loreen and I headed over to the Hob for a good show. minus the loud girls whom i told to shusshhh. and when i did so, i made them feel even younger than they were. ha! (im getting too old for bad crowds)

so the show was great. very open and fun. Athlete opened and did a great version of WIRES!
pretty blue lights. very sad, very good
overall i was more impressed with Athlete than with Snow Patrol.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005


So this was a TRIP!
a wonderful weekend. Loreen got tickets for Chicago (thank you central time zone!) and since we had never been to chicago, we decided to go. the city was amazing, everyone we met was great. we saw the sites and the architecture... then got ready for the show saturday night.
some VERY nice lady from cleveland was on the bus, asking if anyone needed tickets.... she had extra FLOOR tickes that she wanted to sell for face value... so I asked loreen to see if she would trade for our 3rd level 102$ tickets for the 54$ floor tickets. She said OK! being a bit cautious, we did it anyway. and there we were on the floor. with real tickets.

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